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Industrial Design & Product Design - ECHO

In 1991 Oliver Renelt wins the invitation of tenders to design the German Music Award. Not only did he design the trophy, but also created the name of the event:
"The vibrations of an artist returning as waves of success."

In order to implement his design freely, Oliver Renelt additionally offered to the "German Phono Academy e.V" to carry out the production of the trophies. Since 1992 reneltdesign produces the trophies for all ECHO awards (ROCK / POP, KLASSIK and JAZZ). The assignment is not over until all engraved trophies are lined up backstage in the right order.

Today, the ECHO is considered to be the German equivalent to the Grammy Awards and is one of the most coveted music awards in the world. By now, the ECHO trophy design enjoys the rarely given trademark rights of a 3D brand. It is registered under:

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